E6) Beginner's Guide


Edited by Yamamoto Planning

Shinozuka, Yoji “Holmes and Moriarty ? Psychological Analysis” 篠塚洋治「ホームズとモリアティー その心理学的な分析」 32-33p
The author gives thought that Moriarty was not a real character but a being created by Holmes’s unconscious mind, a “shadow” in Jungian psychology.
  Sherlock Holmes-Personality, Professor Moriarty

Suzuki, Toshio “James, Three Brothers of Moriarty Family” 鈴木利男「ジェイムズ=モリアーティー家の三人兄弟」 35-39p
The author introduces David Skene Melvin’s theory that James Moriarty is a compound surname and that the first names of Moriarty and his two brothers are unknown. He also speculates the brothers are either elder or younger.
  Professor Moriarty

Horie, Tamaki “A Study in Infidelity in Holmes Stories” 堀江珠喜「ホームズ不倫大研究」 81-94p
The author discusses the love affairs of married women in the Canon. Such scandals were common in the Victorian era when manners and morals were strict.

Kajita, Masato “On the Apocrypha of Holmes Stories” 梶田正人「ホームズ外伝について」 96-97p
The author points out the part of the article on London Times that appears in “Lost Special” has resemblance with the phrase Holmes said in BRUC, and presumes the author of the article was Sherlock Holmes.
  The Apocrypha