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Endo, Takahiko gItfs 54 and a Half Miles an Hour, My Dear Watsonh WH, 28(2005)
Hiraga, Saburo gA Study in eThe Silver Blazefh WH, 28(2005)
Hiraga, Saburo gA Study of Studies on gSilver Blazehh WH, 14(1991) 
Hiraga, Saburo gTwo Towns in Dartmoorh WH, 19(1996) 
Iijima, Akira gOn gFifty-three and a half miles an hourhh  WH, 12(1989) 
Matsushita, Ryohei gPrivate View on the Best 10 Sherlock Holmes Stories by JSHCh  WH, 3 (1980) 
Seki, Nagaomi gOn Fifty-Three and a Half Miles Per Hourh WH, 16(1993)
Seki, Nagaomi gReconsidering Fifty-Three And Half a Miles an Hourh WH, 29(2006)
Sekiya Etsuko gTwo Curry Dishesh WH, 15(1992)
Takeda, Masao. gDescendants of Isonomyh   WH, 25(2002) 
Takeda, Masao gDescendants of the Isonomyh WH, 27(2004) 
Takeda, Masao gWhy Did Dr. Kureta Go to Matsudo Horse Racing Course?  WH, 41(2018)  
Tsunoda, Masakiyo gOn gFifty-three and a Half Miles an Hourhh WH, 15(1992)
Wakabayashi, Takahiko gIn Search of Silver Blazeh WH, 27(2004)