The Writings About the Writings in Japan


Date, Hisayoshi gThree Passages in Baron Grunerfs Lifeh  WH 21(1998)
Date, Hisayoshi gTranslation of Sherlock Holmes Storiesh  WH, 28(2005) 
Hirayama, Yuichi gWho was the Illustrious Client?h WH, 28(2005)
Nakamura, Masae ghA Delicate Little Saucer of the Most Beautiful Deep-blue Colourh Brought by Dr. Hill Bartonh  WH, 22(1999) 
Sekiya, Etsuko gConan Doylefs Sentiment Toward Japanh  WH, 7 (1984) 
Watanabe, Mineki gSailing Cruise in the Mediterranean Seah  WH, 40(2017)  
Yoshida, Takeshi gChina ? The Duel Between Baron Gruner and Dr. Watsonh WH, 16(1993)