The Writings About the Writings in Japan


Endo, Takahiko “Tra-la-la-lila-lila-lay” 
遠藤尚彦「Tra-la-la-lira-lira-lay考 抄」
WH, 17(1994)
Ietsugu, Fusao “Early Illustrations of Sherlock Holmes”
WH 18(1995) 
Kanto, Shinichi “Unexpected Connection Between George Orwell and Sherlock Holmes” 
WH, 7 (1984) 
Kubo, Yoshihiro “Conan Doyle and Freemason”  WH, 28(2005) 
Nakamura, Yasushi “A View on Japanese Translation of the Title “A Study in Scarlet”” WH, 29(2006)
Nitta, Kunihiko “Methods of Fieldworks in “A Study in Scarlet”” WH, 33(2010)
Tanaka, Kiyoshi “The Translation of “Study” in a Scarlet”
田中喜芳「研究 か 習作 か−延原展氏への返信」
WH, 14(1991) 
Yagi, Yasuyuki “The Poison Which Killed Enoch J.Drebber”
八木康之「緋色の研究 の研究(1) イーノック= J =ドレッバーを殺害した毒物とは」
WH .24(2001)
Yoshida, Mio “Enteric Fever ? From “The Study in Scarlet””  WH, 38(2015)  
Yoshida, Takehiko “Questions on “A Study in Scarlet””  WH, 41(2018)