The Writings About the Writings in Japan

United States

Geisser, Marcus gThe Problems of the Missing Third Continenth   WH.42(2019) 
Hirakawa, Hiroshi gHolmes Stories and Labor Unions in the Unites Statesh  WH.42(2019) 
Hirakawa, Hiroshi gHolmes vs. Pinkertons: Consideration on Labor Spy in Labor Management Relations in the United Statesh   WH, 43(2020)   
Horie, Kazuyoshi gDrive Together to the Russian Embassy ? Why Did Sherlock Holmes Save a Russian Revolutionary?h WH, 16(1993)
Konno, Hidetaka gMiscellenea on gthe Hound of the Baskervillehh   WH, 6(1983) 
Whelan, Michael F., translated by Amano, Yaeko gA Brief Early History of the Baker Street Irregularsh WH 21(1998)