The World of Holmes No.6

Hirayama, Yuichi “Lowenstein and the Secret of Rejuvenescence” 平山雄一「ローエンシュタイン・その後」 WH No.6 (1983),12-15p
The author analyses the similar cases to CREE and suggests the pharmacist involved in the cases was likely to be Lowenstein himself. The similar case is referred to in the story “Therianthrope” written by Yokomizo Seishi, Japanese noted mystery writer. He also suggests the identity of the rejuvenating drug Lowenstein subscribed to be opium alkaloid.
    CREE, Literary Parallels and Comparisons, Japan

Matsushita, Ryohei “Sherlock Holmes Regional Study - Birkshire” 松下了平「シャーロック ホームズ風土記 バークシア州の巻」 WH No.6 (1983),37-42p
The author outlines the places in Birkshire County that appear in the Canon. The places include Windsor, Reading. He also discusses the identity of the fictional place names such as Eyford, Shoscombe, Abbas Parva in Birkshire.
    United Kingdom

Sakurai, Yaeko “English Shorthand and Sherlock Holmes Stories” 桜井八重子「英文速記とホームズ物語」 WH No.6 (1983),43-46p
The author introduces the article about Sherlock Holmes written in English shorthand in the magazine “2000” published by Pitman Publishing. The Japanese translation is also included.
    Translating and Interpreting

Yasuda, Tsuyoshi “The First Case the Great Detective Was Beaten” 安田毅「名探偵最初の失敗」 WH No.6 (1983),47-48p
The author suggests Holmes’ first failure was the way he deduced the cipher letter in GLOR; If the words were added in-between as Holmes said, it should have been obvious from the differences in writing.


Konno, Hidetaka “Miscellenea on “the Hound of the Baskerville”” 金野英隆「バスカヴィル家の犬、ア・ラ・カルト」 WH No.6 (1983),49-54p
The author talks about Sherlockian experiences during his stay in the U.S. such as “Sherlock’s Home”, a restaurant in Chicago, the films and TV dramas he saw, and the first edition of HOUN he purchased.
「バスカヴィル家の犬」に関する様々な事象の考察。レストラン、映画、ドラマ、本の4項目をあげて論証。特にレストランについては、筆者が米国滞在中に訪問したシカゴの実在店Sherlock’s Homeについて、詳しく論じる。
    HOUN, United States, TV Dramas & Movies Food & Drink

Takeda, Masao “A Study of Colors” 竹田正雄「色の研究 ノートから」 WH No.6 (1983),58-60p
The author lists up the names of colors that appear in the Canon where black and white take top one and two positions in the frequency of the appearance. He also discusses the symbolic meaning of some colors, and the color of Microft’s eyes.
    General & Miscellaneous, Mycroft Holmes

Tanaka, Masao “Translations of “A Scandal in Bohemia”” 田中正郎「魚のアラはうまいですか」 WH No.6 (1983),61-63p
The author compares Japanese translation of the phrase ‘turning away without observing the hand which the King had stretched out to him’ in SCAN, and decides which is the most appropriate translation.
    Translating and Interpreting

Kitahara, Naohiko “The 21st Century Holmes and His Great Ancestor” 北原尚彦「21世紀のホームズと御先祖様」 WH No.6 (1983),64-72p
The author presents his own Sherlock Holmes SF parody, and illustrates SF parodies that Sherlock Holmes and related character appear and that are available in Japanese. Such parodies often utilizes the famous SF stories such as the works of H. G. Wells. Other pattern is SF writers put Sherlock Holmes character in their work.
    Parodies and Pastiches