The Writings About the Writings in Japan

Translating and Interpreting 

Date, Hisayoshi gTranslation of Sherlock Holmes Storiesh WH, 28(2005)
Endo, Toki gSherlock Holmes and Dogs ? Part1h   WH, 7 (1984) 
Endo, Takahiko gU San Sha ? The Great Detective in Myanmarh  WH, 35(2012) 
Ishida, Seiki gThe Colonel Problemh  WH, 41(2018)  
Kitahara, Naohiko gThe Casebook of gDetective Hoshinahh  WH, 19(1996) 
Kondo, Masami gOdd Japanese Titles of Sherlock Holmes StorieshKondo, Masami gOdd Japanese Titles of Sherlock Holmes Storiesh  WH 36(2013)  
Miyake, Toshiyuki gAre Holmes Stories for Adults?h  WH, 33(2010) 
Nakamura, Yasushi gA View on Japanese Translation of the Title gA Study in Scarlethh WH, 29(2006)
Onishi, Asami gTranslations of gLetters from 221A Baker Streeth  WH, 2 (1979) 
Sahara, Yuki & Uekusa, Yasuhiro gSherlock Holmes in China ? Acceptance and Afterh  WH, 43(2020)  
Sakurai, Yaeko gEnglish Shorthand and Sherlock Holmes Storiesh  WH, 6(1983) 
Shimizu, Takeshi gfHoundf and eCyclistfh  WH, 27(2004) 
Tanaka, Kiyoshi gThe Translation of gStudyh in a Scarleth  WH, 14(1991) 
Takeda, Masao gAbout Names of Fishes that Appear in Sherlock Holmes Storiesh  WH 36(2013)  
Takeda, Masao gReading gThe Second Stainh in Shizuoka Minfyu Shimbunh  WH, 38(2015)  
Tanaka, Masao gTranslations of gA Scandal in Bohemiahh  WH, 6(1983) 
Takeda, Masao gWhy Did Dr. Kureta Go to Matsudo Horse Racing Course?  WH, 41(2018)  
Ueda, Hirotaka gWhich Comes First, the Result or the Cause?h  WH, 38(2015)