The Writings About the Writings in Japan


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Akeyama, Ichiro gReading Lecture of gKojienh (Amateur Detective Course) h  WH.42(2019) 
Blau, Peter E., translated by Higurashi, Masamichi gEast and West Met ? Sherlockian Friendships between the United States and Japanh WH 21(1998)
Endo, Takahiko gConan Doyle on One Day 100 Years Agoh WH, 32(2009)
Endo,Takahiko. gSherlock Holmes and Shimane Prefectureh WH, 27(2004)
Endo,Takahiko. gSherlock Holmes Drama at the Gaiety Theater in Yokohamah WH, 26(2003)
Endo, Takahiko gWho was Schlomes? Sherlock Holmes Play Written by Ferdinand Bonnh WH, 30(2007)
Handa, Yoshie gSherlock Holmes and Nemuri Kyoshiroh WH, 30(2007)
Hirayama, Yuichi gConan Doyle, Spiritualism and Japanh  WH, 43(2020)  
Hirayama, Yuichi gLowenstein and the Secret of Rejuvenescenceh  WH, 6(1983) 
Hirosue, Hisashi gOrchid gSherlock Holmeshh WH, 17(1994)
Ietsugu, Fusao gShadow of Sherlock Holmes 2h WH, 15(1992) 
Iida, Yachiyo gAn Essay on Japanese Sherlock Holmesh  WH, 17(1994) 
Iijima, Akira gA Study of London Quarterh WH, 14(1991) 
Iijima, Akira gThe Footsteps of Sherlock Holmes in Japan WH, 15(1992)
Kitahara, Naohiko gThe Casebook of gDetective Hoshinahh  WH, 19(1996) 
Matsushita, Ryohei gFishing with Cormorantsh WH, 14(1991) 
Nakanishi, Yutaka gSeizo Okamoto, Kumagusu Minakatafs Son-in-Law and Mystery Storiesh WH, 28(2005)
Nitta, Kunihiko gGenealogy of Great Detectives - Sherlock Holmes and Sugishita, Ukyoh   WH, 43(2020)  
Ohta, Takashi gDid Soseki Natsume Read the Canon?h WH, 30(2007) 
Sekiya, Etsuko gConan Doylefs Sentiment Toward Japanh    WH, 7 (1984) 
Shigaki, Yumiko gSherlock Holmes on Televisionh  WH 21(1998) 
Shimizu, Takeshi gThe Disappearance of the Criterion Plaqueh WH, 30(2007)
Shimizu, Takeshi and Owaku, Rie gBrief History of the Baritsu Chapterh WH, 30(2007)
Weller, Philip, translated by Higurashi, Masamichi gSherlock Holmes and Bicyclesh  WH 21(1998)
Yoshida, Takeshi gKappa, Fairies and eThe Cottingley Fairiesfh  WH, 27(2004) 
Yoshida, Takeshi gPoe, Doyle and Rampoh  WH 18(1995) 
Yu, Minxin gHolmes Runs Across Shinjuku - Formulation of the Scenes in g Kabuki-cho Sherlockhh  WH, 43(2020)