The Writings About the Writings in Japan

Literary Parallels and Comparisons 

Izutsu, Masanori gSherlock Holmes and Japanese Detectivesh  WH, 12(1989)
Yoshida, Takeshi gAre Sherlock Holmes Stories not Literature?h WH, 29(2006)
 Lieutenant Colombo 
Onimaru, Takeshi gSherlock Holmes and Lieutenant Colomboh  WH, 11(1988) 
Lewis Carroll 
Onishi, Asami gHolmes and Alice ? A Preliminary Studyh  WH 1(1978) 
Rampo Edogawa
Yoshida, Takeshi gPoe, Doyle and Rampoh WH 18(1995)  
 Lafcadio Hearn
 Nakanishi, Yutaka. gLafcadio Hearn, Sherlock Holmes and Doyleh WH, 25(2002) 
Kumakusu Minakata 
Nakanishi, Yutaka gSeizo Okamoto, Kumagusu Minakatafs Son-in-Law and Mystery Storiesh WH, 28(2005)
Soseki Natsume 
Ohta, Takashi gDid Soseki Natsume Read the Canon?h WH, 30(2007)
 Kido Okamoto 
Ietsugu, Fusao gShadow of Sherlock Holmesh WH, 11(1988)
Ietsugu, Fusao gShadow of Sherlock Holmes 2h  WH, 15(1992) 
Saneyoshi, Tatsuo gConan Doylefs gThe Fiend of the Cooperageh and Okamoto Kidofs gA Night in Hemp Fieldhh   WH 13(1990)  
Shimizu, Takehiko gSherlock Holmes and Hanshichi of Mikawa-choh  WH, 22(1999) 
Shinozuka, Yoji gReading gHanshichi Torimonno-choh and Holmes with Depth Psychological Approachh  WH, 38(2015)   
 George Orwell 
 Kanto, Shinichi gUnexpected Connection Between George Orwell and Sherlock Holmesh  WH, 7 (1984)
 Edgar Alan Poe 
Yoshida, Takeshi gPoe, Doyle and Rampoh WH 18(1995) 
 Hercule Poirot 
Takahashi, Etsuko gCurious Relationship between Two Great Detectives in Britainh  WH 13(1990) 
Renzaburo Shibata 
 Handa, Yoshie gSherlock Holmes and Nemuri Kyoshiroh WH, 30(2007)
Seishi Yokomizo 
Hirayama, Yuichi gLowenstein and the Secret of Rejuvenescenceh WH, 6(1983)