The Writings About the Writings in Japan

TV Dramas & Movies

Endo, Takahiko “In Search of the Original Work of “Banken”, Sherlock Holmes Film That Was Shown in Japan”   WH, 44(2021)  
Endo, Takahiko “The Hound of Abercrombies”  
WH, 22(1999) 
Endo, Takahiko “Silent Films Related to Sherlock Holmes That Were Released in Japan” 
WH 21(1998)
Endo, Takahiko “”Shmerlock Holmes” and “The Hotel Thieves””  
遠藤尚彦「君は外人劇 シマーロック・ホームズ を見たか?」
WH, 23(2000) 
Harada, Minoru “Sherlock Holmes in Video Sites”   WH, 35(2012)  
Higurashi, Masamichi “110 years History of Visualized Works of the Canon- Sherlock Holmes Films and Television Series WH, 39(2016) 
Iijima, Kazutsugu “Notes on “Sherlock Holmes Shadow Game””  WH, 35(2012) 
Ishii, Takashi “A Study of “The Seven-per-cent Solution”” 
石井貴志「SHの素敵な挑戦 の研究」
WH, 19(1996) 
Iwasaki, Akihiko “Sherlock Holmes and “Star Trek””  WH.42(2019) 
Komatsuki, Masako “Comments on the film “Mr. Holmes””  WH, 39(2016)  
Konno, Hidetaka “Miscellenea on “the Hound of the Baskerville”” 
WH, 6(1983) 
Nakashima, Hiroko “Is Jeremy Brett Left Handed?”
WH, 15(1992)
Nitta, Kunihiko “Genealogy of Great Detectives - Sherlock Holmes and Sugishita, Ukyo”  WH, 43(2020)  
Oka, Mayumi “Acting Sherlock Holmes” 
WH, 2 (1979) 
Owaku, Rie and Shimizu, Takeshi “A Tour of Filming Locations of BBC’s “Sherlock””  WH, 35(2012) 
Owaku, Rie and Shimizu, Takeshi “A Tour of Filming Locations of “Sherlock Holmes” (2009 film)”  WH, 34(2011)  
Shibasaki, Setsuko “Meeting with Ms. Lynda Pritchard”  WH, 35(2012) 
Shibazaki, Setsuko “The Report on the 20th Anniversary of Jeremy Brett’s Passing Away”  WH, 39(2016)  
Shigaki, Yumiko “Sherlock Holmes on Television” 
WH 21(1998) 
Yamaoka, Rie “Enjoying Through “Sherlock Holmes - The Abominable Bride””  WH, 39(2016)  
Yoshida, Mio “Injury, Medicine and Resuscitation in “Sherlock Holmes Shadow Game””  WH, 35(2012) 
Yu, Minxin “Holmes Runs Across Shinjuku - Formulation of the Scenes in “ Kabuki-cho Sherlock””  WH, 43(2020)  
Yu, Minxin “Moriarty’s Game ? Unsatisfied Queerness in BBC’s “Sherlock””  WH.42(2019)