The Writings About the Writings in Japan

TV Dramas & Movies

Endo, Takahiko “The Hound of Abercrombies”   WH, 22(1999) 
Endo, Takahiko “Silent Films Related to Sherlock Holmes That Were Released in Japan”  WH 21(1998)
Endo, Takahiko “”Shmerlock Holmes” and “The Hotel Thieves””   WH, 23(2000) 
Ishii, Takashi “A Study of “The Seven-per-cent Solution””  WH, 19(1996) 
Konno, Hidetaka “Miscellenea on “the Hound of the Baskerville””   WH, 6(1983) 
Nakashima, Hiroko “Is Jeremy Brett Left Handed?” WH, 15(1992)
Oka, Mayumi “Acting Sherlock Holmes”  WH, 2 (1979) 
Owaku, Rie and Shimizu, Takeshi “A Tour of Filming Locations of “Sherlock Holmes” (2009 film)”  WH, 34(2011)  
Shigaki, Yumiko “Sherlock Holmes on Television”  WH 21(1998)