The Writings About the Writings in Japan

Baker Street 221B

Date, Hisayoshi gResearch on gBh in 221B Baker Streeth  WH, 30(2007) 
Ietsugu, Fusao g250 Years of Baker Streeth  WH, 22(1999) 
Ietsugu, Fusao g250 Years of Baker Street ? Part2h  WH, 23(2000)
Ishii, Tsuyosi gVisiting 221B Baker Streeth  WH, 10(1987) 
Kiribuchi, Michiko gVictorian Toiletsh  WH, 22(1999) 
Nakaumra, Masae gTea/Coffee Cups in 221B Baker Streeth  WH 18(1995) 
Shinshi, Junichi gLondon Journeyh  WH 8(1985)
Stutler, Russell L. g221B Baker Streeth  WH 18(1995) 
Watanabe, Mineki gAbout Stationeriesh  WH, 38(2015)