The Writings About the Writings in Japan

Sherlock Holmes
Genral and Miscellaneous

Geisser, Marcus gThe Problems of the Missing Third Continenth  WH.42(2019) 
Hoshida, Mamoru gIs Sherlock Holmes Left-Handed?h  WH, 2 (1979) 
Ietsugu, Fusao gMiscellanea on Style ? Rhetoric and Statureh   WH, 17(1994)
Izutsu, Masanori gPolitical Stand of Sherlock Holmesh WH, 15(1992)
Nitta, Kunihiko gA Discussion About Suspense in Sherlock Holmes Storiesh  WH, 40(2017) 
Nitta, Kunihiko gSherlock Holmes as A Private Eyeh  WH, 39(2016)  
Ohta, Takashi gThe Complex Systems in the Canonh  WH, 39(2016)  
Ohta, Takashi gHolmes and Keynesh  WH, 33(2010) 
Sato, Hiromi gWas Sherlock Holmes Haggard?h  WH, 9(1986) 
Yabuuchi, Masasi gWas Sherlock Holmes a Canoeist?h WH, 14(1991) 
Yamaguchi, Keita gOn Confessions in the Canonh  WH, 38(2015)