The Writings About the Writings in Japan


Date, Hisayoshi gTranslation of Sherlock Holmes Storiesh  WH, 28(2005) 
Hiraga, Saburo gFeuillete au Foie Gras in gThe Final Problemhh WH 21(1998)
Hiraga, Saburo. gInvitation to the Debate on eWe made our way to Brusselsf WH, 26(2003)
Hiraga, Saburo gTen Miles over the Mountains in Darknessh WH 20 (1997)
Maruyama, Kazuo gJudo and the Duel at the Reichenbach Fallsh  WH, 30(2007)
Okazaki, Keiko gWho Fell into the Reichenbach Falls?h WH, 32(2009)
Owaku, Rie and Shimizu, Takeshi gTen Miles from the Reichenbach Fallsh WH, 32(2009)
Suzuki, Toshio gChange of the Route to the Continent and the Game Theoryh  WH 1(1978) 
Yabuuchi, Masasi gWas Sherlock Holmes a Canoeist?h  WH, 14(1991)