The Writings About the Writings in Japan

The Literary Agent 

 General and Miscellaneous
Arai, Mitsuko gCanine Nature in Sherlock Holmesh  WH, 28(2005) 
Ietsugu, Fusao gMiscellanea on Style ? Rhetoric and Statureh   WH, 17(1994) 
Okazaki, Keiko gWho Fell into the Reichenbach Falls?h   WH, 32(2009) 
Joseph Bell  
Owaku, Rie and Shimizu, Takeshi gJoseph Bell and Conan Doyle Trail in Edinburghh  WH, 29(2006) 
Endo, Takahiko gA Letter to Mr. Tsudah  WH, 33(2010)
Endo, Takahiko gConan Doyle on One Day 100 Years Agoh  WH, 32(2009) 
Endo, Takahiko gItems Related to Conan Doyle in Davosh   WH 36(2013)  
Endo, Takahiko gWhat I Came to Know at Davos ? The Illusion of Villa am Steinh   WH, 38(2015)  
Endo, Takahiko gYou Have Been to Engelberg, I Perceive.h   WH, 40(2017)  
Kumagai, Akira gDoubts about Conan Doylefs Ophthalmology Practice - as a Starting Point of Sherlock Holmes Studiesh  WH, 16(1993) 
Kumagai, Akira gDoubts About Conan Doylefs Eye Practice ? Part2h   WH 21(1998) 
Shimizu, Takeshi and Owaku, Rie gStonyhurst College and Arthur Doyleh  WH, 31(2008) 
Tachibana, Makiko gAbout Bonbardoneh  WH, 15(1992) 
Tsuda, Masanobu gA Letter of Conan Doyle"    WH 1(1978) 
"Conan Doyle Syndrome"
Nozu, Tsutomu gA Supplementary Opinion on Conan Doyle Syndromeh   WH, 17(1994) 
Ohta, Takashi gSherlock Holmes Syndromeh  WH, 29(2006) 
Shiraishi, Shigeo gSherlock Holmes and Ireland part 2h   WH, 12(1989) 
Suzuki, Toshio gOnomasiology on Arthur gConanh Doyleh  WH, 30(2007) 
Suzuki, Toshio gThree Themes on A. Conan Doyle, Alcoholism, Physician, and Novelisth  WH, 31(2008) 
Kubo, Yoshihiro gConan Doyle and Freemasonh  WH, 28(2005) 
Sekiya, Etsuko gConan Doylefs Sentiment Toward Japanh     WH, 7 (1984) 
Yamamoto, Toshiyuki. gNeurology of Sherlock Holmesh    WH, 25(2002) 
Yoshioka, Masakazu gConan Doylefs Dissertation and Hideyo Noguchih   WH, 24(2001) 
Other Eminent Writers 
Ichikawa, Emiko gJane Austin and Conan Doyleh   WH, 24(2001)
Nakanishi, Yutaka gSeizo Okamoto, Kumagusu Minakatafs Son-in-Law and Mystery Storiesh  WH, 28(2005) 
Saneyoshi, Tatsuo gConan Doylefs gThe Fiend of the Cooperageh and Okamoto Kidofs gA Night in Hemp Fieldhh   WH 13(1990)  
 Other Works 
Cook, Catherine gCreating Reality ? Conan Doylefs Concern to Present Fiction as Fact in the Lost Worldh WH.42(2019) 
Hamano, Shiho gHarry Houdini and Conan Doyleh WH, 28(2005)
Kanto, Shinichi gMemorandum on Sherlock Holmes and Daniel Dunglas Homeh  WH, 11(1988) 
Nagasima, Masaru gMagical Order and Conan Doyleh  WH, 23(2000)   
Suzuki, Toshio gConan Doyle as a Spiritualisth WH, 32(2009) 
Yoshida, Takeshi gKappa, Fairies and eThe Cottingley Fairiesfh  WH, 27(2004)